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The History of the Fullerton Inn and Restaurant

Historic Accommodations in Downtown Chester Vermont

For over a century the Fullerton Inn has remained a keystone to historic Chester, Vermont. Though the hands of time have changed the facility and its ownership, The Fullerton has remained an institution. Having continued to deliver excellent quality of service throughout the years, the Fullerton Inn has had in place its continued high service standard since before the Civil War.

The name “Fullerton Inn” is a resurrection of the historical name for the inn, which was built in the 1840’s and called the “Ingraham House.” A fire destroyed the original structure in the 1880’s and the replacement, built on the existing foundation, was dubbed the “Fullerton Inn“.

In the 1950’s the owners changed the name to the “Chester Inn” and many who visit us today still remember the inn by that name. After actually shuttering its doors in the early 1980’s, a college professor named Jack Coleman bought the inn in 1984 and renamed it “The Inn at Long Last” to represent the fulfillment of his dream to own an inn.

Jack filled the tavern area with bookshelves and the lobby was full of his collection of tin soldiers. Each week we get several people who reminisce about “The Inn at Long Last” and Jack Coleman’s hospitality. In 1998 the inn was sold to the operators of the local “Ye Olde Bradford Tavern” (a few doors down from the inn.) They merged the Bradford Tavern with the Inn and returned the “Fullerton Inn” name to the sign board.


The current owners acquired the Fullerton Inn in August 2020 and have paid particular attention into creating comfortable rooms for guests. The Fullerton Inn has taken on a different look than in past years, but still offers the same warmth, comfort and professional service of 150 years ago.

As Seen On...

Moonlight & Mistletoe, a 2008 Christmas Television Movie, was filmed on location at the Fullerton Inn and Restaurant. 

The cast included Candice Cameron and  Tom Arnold.


Lunch & Dinner

Classic American Fare, served in our formal dining room or tavern


Weddings & Events

Weddings, Reunions, Bridal/Baby Showers, Corporate Meetings



Ongoing Events at the Fullerton
Wine Dinners | Yoga | Fall Foliage

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