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Smile with Wine

Wine Pairing Dinners at the Fullerton Inn

A Special Dining & Wine Event Featuring carefully curated wines

If you haven’t been to a Wine Pairing Dinners, there’s no better place to begin than the Fullerton Inn! A wine event unlike any other, wine paring at the Fullerton Inn offers a great opportunity to experience new wines and fabulous foods. Throughout the evening, nine creative wine and food pairings are presented.

Our evening starts off at 6:00 PM with a meet and greet, where the evening's host will present information about the wines of the evening and the first wine pairing is served.  Following the first round of food and wine, the second round- consisting of three foods and wines- are presented. Following a palatte cleanser, the third and final round of three foods and wines are presented. Chef Randy explains the choices she made in selecting each of the wine/food pairings.

The wine evenings are focused on Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Spanish Wines, Merlot, South African Wines, French White Wines, California Red Wines, Wines We Love and Italian Wines. Chef Randy will put on a great show for you with fantastic food and interesting information.


Nine Wines – Nine Creative Dishes – Wine chat – FUN.  So join us.


 - TBD

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